Electronic Signatures

Effective Identity verification requires a copy of a verified ID document. You can use Identiway’s ID scanning to verify over 80+ official ID document types from 25 countries.

Strong Customer Authentication

Finance providers in Europe are required by the second payment services directive (PSD2) to deploy strong customer authentication. Identiway App is PSD2 compliant and provides an secure yet easy way for users to authenticate.

Advanced Electronic Signature

Identiway issues e-IDAS article 3 compliant advanced electronic signatures. You can read more about it in our Certificate Practice Statement.

Qualified Electronic Signature

Identiway is beta testing a version of Identiway App that contains a qualified electronic signature called Identiway App-Q (“IAQ”). IAQ will have an extended four minute, pure remote onboarding.

Simple Sign-in & eSignature

The set up of an electronic signature is done in the onboarding process by asking the user to select a PIN code and then transferring this to e.g. TouchID. Once the esignature is set up the user can:

• Sign any document electronically on a service provider site or app by simply pressing sign and using TouchID
• Confirm identity at different vendors that support Identiway
• Sign-in securely (strong authentication / 2FA) on any online service

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