Identity Verification

Identiway App takes the pain out of your customers first registration and equips your consumer customer with a digital identity. This allows the consumer to use Touch and Face ID on their smartphone to sign-in to your self service channels and sign any contract remotely. Check out these product sheets:

Product sheet (App) Product sheet (Web)

Secure Identification

The Identiway platform differs from from traditional identity verification services based on selfie imaging comparison with ID document picture in that it is more convenient for the consumer, provides a higher level of assurance and is much more cost effective.

Compliant Solution

Identiway not only identifies the consumer but does so to meet anti-money laundering requirements across Europe (know you customer or customer due diligence). More on KYC requirements in our KYC guide


dentiway issues compliant e-signatures as part of Identiway App onboarding. Read more about Identiway’s advanced electronic signature and the qualified electronic signature beta

Smooth On-boarding

The customer will experience a smooth journey that typically involves three steps:


Customers sign in to their bank account


Customers choose a PIN code and enable touchID


Customers take a picture of a valid identity document


Service Provider Benefits

For the service provider, Identiway brings unique benefits:

• Both web and app environments are supported
• Substantial level of assurance with bank access and data
• Higher conversion

• Low fraud
• AML compliance by design
• Compliant eSignatures with TouchID
• Cost savings from lean digital processes

How is this different?

Identiway ties together bank accounts covering 300 million consumers in more than 25 countries. Identiway combines machine based AI processing of ID documents and selfies with bank data to create substantial level of assurance. Where e-IDAS esignatures are issued, service providers also achieve esigning and strong authentication.

Why is this better?

Service providers using the Identiway Platform achieve higher conversion than methods involving uploading of documents, video conference or similar combinations.

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