Remote Identification Web

Identiway® Web API enables you to securely establish your customers name, address and age by asking them to sign in to their bank account share their account statement data. We are the leading aggregator of third party e-authentication services for identification purposes. Our patented service covers over 100 million customers growing steadily every day.

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How does the onboarding & identification work?

Integrate Identiway® in your mobile or desktop web and ask your customer to login to a third party service e.g. their bank through the Identiway® platform. We will capture the identity data from the secure site. Identiway® allows you to tailor what counterparts you trust from a large list of available providers.

Enrollment in three easy steps:


The customer agrees to terms of use and logs into a bank or agency account that Identiway® trusts


The customer consents to an explicit release of the data to you


Identiway® captures and analyzes the ID data

How is this different?

Identiway® provides a seamless network of trusted parties that know the customer. Instead of you establishing new relationships with all customers, you can trust a partner in the network.

Why is this better?

Because our service connects to the leading network of banks and agencies that have carried out rigorous physical or remote onboarding processes and already established a secure e-authentication service for the customer.

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