Identity Document Scanning

Most identity verification regulations require identity information that can be extracted from Identity documents only (e.g. place of birth). These regulations also require a licensee to hold a copy of the ID document itself. Identiway uses advanced machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence to interpret ID documents.

Typical use cases

• Opening of a bank account
• Consumer loan application
• Setup of a gaming account and/or payout of winnings

End User Experience

The service can be offered to an end user standalone in a web or app environment and will require the user to take a picture with a smartphone of a valid ID document.

• For mobile web, or app, the service can call the smartphone camera
• For desktop web, the service can detect whether a camera is present and if not execute an SMS link process to a smartphone for a photography

Identiway Machine Based Process

Identiway performs three operations on identity documents uploaded by the user:

• Authenticate the ID document vs. a model document
• Recognize pre-printed optical characters (e.g. labels such as “Passport”)
• Recognize the user’s data (MRZ as well as all other printed texts)
• Match data with other data sources

Identiway APIs return not only the OCR:d texts and image of the ID document, but also three machine scores based on the process above. It also returns data matching score where data is compared.

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