Remote Identification in App

Identiway® takes the pain out of remotely identifying your customers. Once customers (individuals) are identified, we make sure that they can sign documents and have simple and secure access to your services. All in one scalable, simple and developer friendly solution.

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How does the onboarding & identification work?

Integrate Identiway® in your app or on the web and provide a fast and 100% remote process of identity verification. Our process is based on both ID document authentication and third party secure authentication. It is accurate, secure and simple for the customers to complete.

Enrollment in three easy steps:


Customers sign in to their bank account


Customers choose a PIN code and enable touchID


Customers take a picture of a valid identity document

How is this different?

Identiway® is an Identity provider that both identity proofs global customers, and sets up a secure mobile ID for every customer. Identiway® uses patented methods of authenticating customer via third parties. We combine third party authentication with intelligent processing (AI) and interpretation of a physical ID document. Finally, we match both to create a strong and compliant identification.

Why is this better?

Because our service connects to a network of leading banks and agencies that have carried out rigorous physical or remote onboarding processes. Following the onboarding process they have established a secure e-authentication service for the customer.

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