2 minute Identity verification in more than 25 countries

Identiway provides the leading registration and onboarding functionality for online service providers of finance, insurance, gambling and healthcare. The customer journey is fast, intuitive and provides a high level of assurance. You can easily convert customers on mobile, desktop web or in app. The solution is compliant with anti-money laundering “know your customer” requirements in in most countries.

The service uses three modules:

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    Secure bank login: Identiway uses unique identification methods that allow a customer to sign-in to a bank or tax account via the Identiway interface and authorize us to read and extract identity data such as personal number, name and address.
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    10 cent transfer: The customer can make a micro transfer whilst signed in by simply pressing “OK” in the Identiway service. Identiway settles the transferred amount for identification purposes. This constitutes a regulated method of identification according to many AML regulations.
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    Photo of a valid ID document: provided step 1-2 are successfully completed, the customer will submit a desktop or mobile photo of a passport or ID card. Identiway uses AI based machine processing to verify the ID, OCR the MRZ and crossmatch bank data.

Integration and API

The API returns:

• Personal number/ Unique identifiers
• Name(s)
• Addresses
• ID document photo URL link
• Confirmation of successful bank transfer
• AI score (%) of ID doc validity which includes matching of ID card OCR results and Bank data
• eCopy of bank statement with info above (pdf)

GDPR Compliant

Protecting the rights of the individual is at the heart of everything we do. We take personal data seriously, and this service is GDPR by design. We act as controller and strive to minimize the necessary data processed. The data is protected with all reasonable security means available and data is deleted according to a strict schedule minimizing any risk for impact on the individuals rights.

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