Identity Verification

Identiway serves financial service providers with the leading remote identity verification service in Europe. We can remotely verify the identity of more than 350 million European consumers in less than three minutes with a consumer friendly process.

Mobile and Web solution

By integrating Identiway into your web or app service you can verify the identity of consumers remotely in a simple and friendly journey. The consumer can be issued an electronic identity enabling recurring authentication with touch or face ID. Identiway is compliant with anti-money laundering and e-signature legislation in 25 European countries.

Unique methods

Identiway patented methods provide a novel and unique approach to remote identity proofing and electronic identities. Identiway registration combines account information from a consumer initiated bank account sign-in, with machine interpretation and validation of ID documents and selfie imaging data. Read how Saugus Credit deployed Identiway to drive conversion, experience and cost saving in one compliant solution.

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    Step 1: The consumer signs-up to your financial services on your website. Before the consumer gets access to the service you need to complete your identity verification and KYC. You ask the consumer to download Identiway app (or use the Identiway web service).
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    Step 2: In the Identiway service the consumer chooses one of over 200 live partner banks in 25 countries and accesses their account. Following a successful sign-in, the consumer shares account data with Identiway.
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    Step 3: The consumer snaps a photo of an official ID document and in some cases a selfie photo or video. Identiway uses proprietary technology to process and verify ID documents and crossmatch bank data.

Integration and API

The rest API integration is simple and standardized. The solution can also be implemented with a simple java script on the site and access to the Identiway control panel to minimize upfront investment and risk.

Security and Personal Data

Protecting the rights of the individual is at the heart of everything we do. We take personal data seriously, and this service is GDPR by design. We act as controller and strive to minimize the necessary data processed. The data is protected with all reasonable security means available and data is deleted according to a strict schedule minimizing any risk for impact on the individuals rights.

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